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Benjamin Leavitt, Esq:

Civil & Criminal Defense as a Path to Change

Benjamin Felcher Leavitt sees lawyering as a healing profession. Lawyers often talk about their obligation to “zealously defend” their clients, but that frequently means the lawyer takes center stage and puts on a great show in court, rather than tending to the clients’ best interests. Leavitt recognizes that clients will have different needs at different times and always puts these needs at the center of his representation. He is equally adept at being the “bulldog” and the “shoulder to lean on” as the situation may require.  In every case, Leavitt strives to use your legal situation to help you experience positive changes in your life.

Leavitt graduated with honors from the University of Minnesota Law School where he was an editor of the journal Law and Inequality, a director of legal clinical programs, and awarded for his role in the Law School’s Public Service Program. As a Public Defender at one of the premiere public defense programs in the country, he saw countless hardworking people benefit from his compassionate and experienced legal assistance.

After working as a civil litigator handling multi-million dollar cases in Manhattan, Leavitt started his own practice in White Plains, NY in 2010, incorporating many approaches to criminal and civil representation, to create a holistic experience for his clients.

Leavitt is an active member in good standing in many organizations, including: National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; New York Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers;New York Defenders Association; New York State Bar Association; Westchester County Bar Association

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